Combining Work And Family: Can It Work?

October 13, 2020 HBX

Our guest blogger this week is professional masseuse Anna Sofat who is sharing her top tips with HbX to combining work and family. Her Hertfordshire company Yoganic specialises in a variety of yoga and massages.

The children have been back at school for the last month or so. As working parents this means juggling multiple commitments. At times it can become overwhelming: sorting the kids & their activities, working, having family time but also making time for each other as couples and for oneself. Combining work and family is a tricky job and I imagine many families will relate to this.

Like everyone else we are trying the hardest to have some sort of work- life balance.

Is this even possible, I hear you say?

It can be challenging: running three different businesses together as a family and raising three young children. (They are nine, six and two). Fitting everything and everyone in whilst ensuring our customers are happy is very important to us. This business makes getting the work-life balance right crucial, as it means we can spend quality time with our children.

Everyone will have their own unique situation for combining work and family, but can it work?

Here are our top tips to combining work and family:

Get up early: To get up at the same time to get the maximum out of your day. Anything between 5-6am is ideal.

Exercise daily:
Running outside in the fresh air or practising yoga is a great way to start the day. But of course there are many other options to choose from in order to keep fit.

Anna feels exercise is a good healthy way to combine work and family

Structure & family rituals:
Daily routine, structure and rituals make it easier for every family member to know when and what is happening. This is especially useful to have great structure in place for set working hours and other commitments. The children also will benefit from knowing the plan.

Plan the week or even month:
It’s a good idea to schedule each week and plan the months ahead. This will make sure you stay on track.

It’s very important to write a daily to-do-list but also make sure to actually follow through with it. We number it with the order of priority. Ideally write it the night before so you have it ready for the morning. That way you will be to be able to get started with the day straight away.

Set goals:
One of our most important tips is to set meaningful goals. This will really help with how successful you will be. Each daily goal should relate back to a bigger goal and that helps to keep your focus.

Dedicate time for work, family & leisure:
Time needs to be put aside for regular working hours but also for quality family time and leisure. This helps to keep oneself motivated.

Anna says to make family time away from your home office

Limit news, distraction & negativity:
To keep the mind focussed, it’s best to limit news, distractions like phone & social media time. Try not to get involved in any negativity. Focussing on merely essential things makes one more efficient too.

Stick to it & communicate:
Sticking to what you say you will do and keeping promises is super important. However, if there are some delays it’s vital to communicate on what’s happening. This will keep good working relationships and trust going.

And most importantly:

For more information on Anna and her Massage clinic, please visit her website her website

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